Sunday, 20 May 2012

Modelling for a Roberta Ridolfi inspired shoot.

My first post was about my love for the photographer, Roberta Ridolfi and how i love that her photography was so real; in capturing the person being photographed, being themselves, showing movement, emotion, un airbrushed. To me the best kind of photography for my eyes to witness. I love to see people in their 'every day' rather than being 'done up' for a 'shoot'. I'd rather turn up to somebodies house and photograph them just how they are. This was the concept for this shoot i did for a friend, for a university project. Her task was to use an object or show it within a picture, she chose flowers. In each of these images flowers portray. I really enjoy just 'being myself'.


  1. Just found your blog, glad I did it's really good. I like the matching curtains and bedding. I looked up some of roberta ridolfi's photos, and the inspiration is obviously, love it!
    Ashley x

    1. Thank you so much, I'm just getting started with it but it's great to share things with people. Again thank you :) x