Thursday, 28 June 2012

Back to basics 

I'm currently getting over excited about fall/winter fashion. It's definitely my favourite, i love layering and wrapping up, especially due to the fact we don't seem to get a summer here anymore. We had one week of warm, sunny weather and ever since it's been miserable and rained. I have also come to the conclusion, despite my love for pastel shades; that i have a boyish figure and am much better suited in more boyish clothes; furthermore i have wore much more black and white the past year or so and i wouldn't change it. I have found a comfort zone within it. I was recently told i always look very dream like but suit black, i think its down to my white hair, but i think i agree. I'm not a girl who likes to 'dress up' and am much more suited to the awkward boy style. My frame doesn't hold much shape and clothes just hang on me rather than hug me. Here are a few pieces which i really like for the coming months. All Topshop apart from the ying yang ring which is Urban Outfitters. I like all these basic styles as when you keep the clothes simple, you get to accessorise or have fun with make up. I tend never to wear prints, they frighten me. Hopefully once i start my internship i can save money to afford some favourite key pieces, which all are timeless. 

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Mela festival.

For those unsure of what a Mela Festival is, it's a Asian gathering, a gathering of events, music, arts and crafts, their very flavoursome South Asian cuisine and much more you'd find at a festival but to all of their cultural style. I have been to festivals each year since i was about 12 years old. I think they're great and such an exciting insight into other ways of life. Seeing what types of things they do is so inspiring, just very different than 'my' norm, i love culture and learning more about it. Today i had a small piece of Henna tattooed o Mela nto my hand, i bought some bindis as i think they truly beautiful and such a lovely adornment. I also hand made this cloth with various paints and stamps. I love the elephants and all the bright colours, it makes me happy. This is going to be hung on my wall. 

If you haven't ever been to a Mela, i very much recommend going to one, you'll have a great time,

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Vintage Dr Martens.

When i went house viewing last week in London, we had a few hours to spare. London is so fantastic for shopping and one of my favourite areas to shop is Camden. The markets are great and can be super cheap too. Theres also lots of one off vintage things, so if you see it you've got to get it while you can. I found these beautiful Dr Marten boots, for just £30! They was supposed to be around £100, i've never seen them in this style. The colour is perfect, they're so comfortable and what could be better suited to the Great British weather, come winter? These will be perfect for that.

I decided to wear them the other day, to test if they'd rub, but they didn't. I teamed them with some black opaque tights, high wasted Levi shorts, a Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures tee and a gold cross.

Monday, 18 June 2012

New London home.

Everything is coming together and the ball is rolling. This year i had an interview in London for a year internship, that was successful and i was invited back for a trial day. A week later i was informed that out of so many applications i had been chosen for the job, there was only one position so i was very pleased and proud. Recently me and my friend Rachel from uni went to view a few houses down in London for when we move. We viewed quite a few and at the end of the day we came to a decision. These are a few pictures of the house and exterior. It's beautiful despite these pictures not doing much justice. It's fully refurbished, 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a dining room, study, living space, large fully fitted kitchen (with 3 fridges) it has a TV in every room, it even has a cleaner. We're so pleased and cannot wait to start out adventure in the big city, London!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Alexa Chung inspired nails

Alexa is a huge inspiration to me. She has been for years. A lot of people over the past two years have really took an eye for her and her effortless, awkward boy style. I first came about her having shopped at Urban Outfitters since finishing school, she used to be the model on their online store. That's the first thing i saw of her. I love Urban Outfitters and their clothes and she always modelled my favourite pieces (at the time) which is probably why i came about her and her look. She was then the presenter on Pop World, which i didn't really watch often, but i loved her sense of humour and laid back manner. Recently she has played about with her nails which has lead me to give it ago. I like being creative and it's a great therapeutic activity for when you've nothing better to do. Give it a go!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Graduate Fashion Week 

So Graduate Fashion Week has just finished in London to which my university took part and actually opened the show. Unfortunately i could not make the show but i heard they all did very well. All of the above images are my favourites from my university of central Lancashire. I love how each piece is completely individual and so well thought out, i saw most of them making their collections, in which they worked very hard for. These images were taken from there was also an article from the Telegraph which made me very proud. 

Quote: The University of Central Lancashire stole the show with a standout collection from 17 graduates which included Claire Acton's rainbow-parade of fringing and faces; Emma Guilfoyle's twisted take on heritage in which images of the Iron Lady and Churchill were mixed with patchwork tweed; and Xiaoping Huang's concertina-pleated extravaganza in a mix of music-sheet print and bold colour.

I am extremely proud of them all and this only excites and motivates me forward to fourth year when i'll be making my own collections. Quite scary but unbelievably exciting at the same time.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Perfect loafers.

I have a really fussy shoe size, i'm nor a 3 or a 4. I'm somewhere in the middle, yet still my left foot is a little bigger. I have such a problem finding shoes, heels don't seem to be as bad as long as they have a strap for extra support. Unfortunately the UK sizing do not do a half size. I've been after some new flat/comfortable shoes for such a long time, i haven't ever bothered to buy ballet flats from Topshop or anything, because they just won't last long. I've been wearing my brogues for years, they fit perfectly and are the best pair of shoes i have ever owned, they're still going strong. Anyway i worked for Kurt Geiger for a while and we got discount with being staff. Quite a lot actually. When i was working there, i always used to lust over these Nine West loafers, perfect because they're a half size. In the end i had to leave when i went back to university and never ended up getting them. I thought of them last week and saw them online, i had to order them, as i no longer worked there i couldn't get discount, but to my surprise they were on sale from £95 down to just £29, you can find them 'here.' So comfortable. They're real leather and have a double sole which is super spongey, i'd recommend them to anyone. I've also spent the week reading my love 'Oh Comely'. 

Thursday, 7 June 2012

We wear pink on Wednesdays.

I have never been a girl whom liked pink so much. As a child i was such a tomboy and was involved in every sport imaginable, i was super competitive and generally always won the races at school. Ever since finishing college i found myself wearing much more 'girly' pieces. My hair and skin tone seem to work best with muted pastel tones. I really like this collared dress, which i picked up for such an inexpensive price. I do very much base myself upon the 60s and this shift dress resembles that. I'd have loved the 60s and find myself today fascinated with it. I also really like Mean Girls ;)

Monday, 4 June 2012

This is Lavender Alice.

'If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary-wise; what it is it wouldn't be, and what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?' Alice in Wonderland - 1951.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Queens Diamond Jubilee. 60 years on the throne. What a remarkable woman, relatives and monarchy. True service in serving our country and how loyal they are. I love The Royals, i find them incredibly inspiring. To do as much as she does at her age, as well as Phillip whom is 91, wow. Today was the Jubilee Pageant. It started out great yet of course the rain fell (typical English weather) but that didn't stop her reign. People still cheered her and saluted. She seemed to enjoy all the activity. Choirs in the pouring rain still sing at the top of their lungs. It was great, i love special occasions such as this major one. It'll go down in history and i can somewhat say i was apart of it. Anyway above i chose a few little items which were on sale in Topshop and Urban Outfitters. A lovely cupcake set with 'all the trimmings' A lovely egg cup for your perfect British 'Boiled egg and soldiers' and a vase shaped as a carriage. I enjoyed watching today. If you did too, i hope you enjoyed it, if you're British, or if not have a lovely Jubilee celebration.