Monday, 27 August 2012

Relaxed bank holiday - a collision of style

I was super happy that it was a bank holiday this weekend. I felt rather drained after last week at work and too my surprise we finished early on Friday too. 

On Saturday i visited Oxford Circus and out of the blue got snapped by a photographer who works along side Topshop for their blog, she liked my outfit and very much so my bag; perhaps i'll appear on their blog? I seem to have a collision of style, quite the opposites, black and pastels, but hey don't they say opposites attract!? It was stormy Saturday too, but refreshing nonetheless. 

Sunday i planned to go to the Notting Hill Carnival, but i was meeting people there and they said it was so crowded they'd never be able to find me. So i just relaxed at home and drew. I drew the elephant (bottom picture) I'm obsessed with them, i love the adornments and decoration, so beautiful; i just wish i had some colour media to brighten him up!

And today (Monday) I'm home alone and i couldn't think of a better way of spending a bank holiday, laying in bed, looking out of the window and reading.

I hope you're all enjoying your bank holiday! ^.^

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Blame it on the weatherman. 

Apologies for being rather absent, i work pretty much 24/7 meaning not much  time to blog and when i finally get some time, i feel it's rushed. 

Anyway i've had a great weekend i hope you all have too. Friday at work Oasis held a designer sample sale, it's so crazy, picture Confessions of a Shopaholic, the opening scene, okay that. Saying that i grabbed some lovely pieces for little price. I haven't posted all, but my favourite bargains was the Zara trench coat which should have been £70 and i paid £20 and the Max Mara dress that should have been £150 and i paid just £6!! 

This weekend me and my friend Rachel went shopping, it's been a while since i had a real shop/browse. We decided to go to Camden and i found some lovely pieces from Berty & Gerty which have recently opened a shop on ASOS market place so check it out. From there i got the black boots which i have been hunting for, for a while as well as a bowler hat (i lost my other) and the lovely embroidered high necked jumper. I have an obsession with glasses and found myself buying 3 pairs all to which i adore. I also picked up some very tiny silver earrings and the 'om' for my necklace. I suppose i'm preparing myself for when this sunny spell ends and Autumn hits.

Let a new week begin, make it great, smile and think positive.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Cat friendly

Okay just to clarify ever since i have existed i have been obsessed with cats. When i was just 1 years old we had a cat that was 1 year older than me. I wasn't a girly girl and therefore when i was given a little pram, it wasn't a doll i put in there, it was my cat. It had kittens and i never left them alone. That's were my love began and i feel so connected to them, their unbelievably intelligent animals.

Anyway since living in London i see the Chinese waving cat everywhere, i also love all things Asian, always so oddly unique. On the way to work i had to purchase one as it had gone on sale. Apparently they bring goof fortune and good luck, two things i need right now.

The radio at work seems to have broken and i suggested i bring my iPhone cat docking station for my desk, how can you not love it? The magazine 'No Cigar' is a new find and it's rather inspiring, it's up and coming, perhaps i'll do a separate post just for that magazine.

Last but not least, i haven't yet been out out for drinks in London yet and plan to this weekend. I'm dying to wear my cat shoes ^.^

I also have a few design ideas up my sleeve so keep your eyes pealed.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

'Home sweet home' or so they say.

So this weekend i went 'home home' as i like to call it now. I went to visit my mother and mainly my cat. I'd missed him so much, it was his 1st birthday, he's grown a little since i left, my bed has now apparently become his bed. 
On the Saturday me and mother went shopping, she bought me some essentials to take back to London. I'm preparing myself for winter so i bought some items for colder months. I'm a sucker for pearls, stripes and cosy/oversized jumpers.
I had a lovely Sunday breakfast in bed of English muffins & strawberry jam with a creamy coffee.

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend,
lots of love,

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Plain & Simple - desired pieces for fall/winter

All of the above are from Topshop. Not that i only shop there, in fact i tend not to buy from high street stores, i mainly purchase from charity shops or vintage shops/market stalls. I fear owning the same things as others. Anyway here are some items which i'd love for the colder months. Plain and simple, afraid of prints, but pieces that can be teamed in more than one way. I'm also dying for the cosiest parka coat, with a fur hood and preferably wool/fur lined (not real) perhaps not the exact one above, but something similar. I really wish it was possible to purchase them all, maybe when i get my student loan... dreaming