Wednesday, 16 May 2012

May walks.

May Walks.

Having finished uni i'm left with nothing to do until i begin my internship in July. I'm not a person who can relax or do nothing, i like to always be doing something. The weather still isn't brilliant, but today i put on my brogues, my navy duffle coat which i refer to as my 'Paddington Bear coat' and went for a walk in the park.

On the way i saw some beautiful tree carvings. It's one of my favourite things to take walks alone, think and just breathe in fresh air, witnessing nature before your eyes and really looking at the world.


  1. wow your photos are amazing, and the carving in the tree is beautiful.
    What will you being doing for your internship? are you excited? XX

  2. Thank you :) they're pretty cool aren't they. For my internship I'll be based in London, Shoreditch area, the main fashion district. I'm going to be working for Coast/Oasis/Warehouse at the main team, pattern cutting, so garments i cut will be in shops :) i am excited but i am also rather scared too, this will be the first time i've moved out of 'home'. xxx