Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone.

I celebrated Halloween on Saturday as we had a house party. Saturday was so so cold, yet we powered through and got everything organised. We carved several pumpkins (my first time ever) shockingly. We also made chocolate apples and other halloween treats which was fun, as well as decorating the house. The party was short notice and i hadn't an outfit planned, so i went as a blonde Wednesday Addams, who i love!

We also carved pumpkins at work and there was a competition too, i didn't actually know about this so i didn't do one, but i did help with the witch pumpkin!

Today is Halloween and i've had work yet this doesn't stop me from celebrating one of my favourite holidays. I needn't even dress up, typical me can be rather witchy and gothic, so i got on my darkest shade of lipstick, wore my choker with a black lace tunic and felt like a witch all day.

I hope you've all had/are having a great Halloween :)

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Abandoned: black is the new black

It seems forever since i last blogged, for which i apologise (if you actually enjoy seeing/reading my blog) i guess i have been super busy. I've had lots going on, but it's been exciting. London never sleeps.. i guess.

Since i last blogged i've been back home one weekend, which was lovely, i got to see my family, friends and most of all my little kitty. 

There's been more sample sales at work and i couldn't resist them. Karen Millen had one, i got 3 bags and spent £35, i checked their online store and all together i should have payed around £300 so i guess i can't complain. At the Oasis sale i filled a bag for £5 and got some very lovely pieces, from shoes, jackets, tops and one beautiful evening gown, knitwear and accessories. I promise i wont go to another.

Last weekend i went to Hyde Park with my work friend, it was lovely and sunny and there was so many beautiful Swans. We walked through the park and went onto Kensington Gardens to the Serpentine gallery which was good, i picked up some photo cards which inspired me.

Recently i have worn a lot of black and i like it. I usually team it with one thing to make it pop. I suppose this post isn't awfully interesting yet i thought i would share a few outfits i have recently worn.

Today i went to Brick Lane, i found some wonderful pieces as well as designer items, i didn't buy anything but it was nice just to browse, i met up with a girl from back home and she took a street style shot of me for a project of hers. Tonight i'm going out in Camden to a event called Smoke and Mirrors which should be great.

I wish you all a very lovely weekend.
Lots of love,