Friday, 25 January 2013

Bring me sunshine:

Okay so it's a new year, spring/summer will be here before we know it. Stores have already launched their collections and I'm ready to add that bit of 'colour' to my wardrobe. These are just some pieces i've recently come across that i'd like sitting in mine. I say colour but i think i have a genuine phobia of bright colours, they scare me, i've opted for mutual shades, they're my favourite to wear and not so harsh on the eye. (all Topshop) apart from the perfume and sunglasses (asos)

The grey sweater dress, is perfect over some ankle grazer skinnies, teamed with a chunky necklace. I'll always be a sucker for denim and this dress is so versatile. I love love jesus sandals and i'm sad so say i haven't ever owned a leather pair, these are perfect. When it does get warm i would love to wear the dropped hem, tie dye dress, i think it's beautiful, so casual but so elegant too.

I just want some sunshine, now that the Christmas excitement has gone, January couldn't be more morbid and depressing. I want smiles on everyones faces.

Lots of love,

Monday, 7 January 2013

Pre Fall 2013:            My two favourites from the preview of Fall 2013 collections

Pringle of Scotland

My love affair with Pringle of Scotland started in the first year of uni. We were assigned a project within a group, in which each group was assigned a county. The countries (i can't remember all) but here are a few examples: there was Spain, Turkey, Greece, Poland and various others. We were assigned Scotland. (in case you don't know i study fashion design) We was devastated. Yet when we actually started researching into it, we came up with a great concept. We was to research all aspects, not just fashion. We went down a gothic, medieval route as Scotland has a lot of history. Which brings me to this designer. I love the simplicity of their pieces and the variation of shape. So tailored and so chic, i tend to have liked every collection they've done. I also believe the colour palette and fabric choice are so key for Autumn and i believe it represents Scotland rather well too. Pringle also focus a lot within knitwear.


Acne. I think Acne is a brand/designer in which you either love or you hate, you either get it or you don't and of course i love it. Acne to me always get it right, always. They're just so 'throw on' garments and look pretty casual but if you actually look into them each closely you can see the amount of work and effort gone into each piece. The layering in this collection is lovely. I'm in love with the shapes and silhouettes as well as colour ways and the print to close. Bits are tailored, but it's teamed with bulkiness at the same time and i love that. Despite it being a Fall collection the ankles aren't afraid to be out and i think that one little touch makes all the difference.

I can't wait for the actual shows which should happen in Spring sometime, if i'm thinking correctly. With living in London currently, i'm going to try my hardest to get involved!

(sorry again for my absence)