Friday, 14 December 2012


I'm back!

I can't believe how long i have left it, i have been thinking about blogging but just never had that little bit of time to do so.
So much has been going on, with thoughts on moving house, Christmas, money and the Christmas party at work. I've been so so busy.

So i thought i would share with you some photo's of what i've been doing (to an extent) recently.

I did visit back home up north a couple of weeks ago, it was lovely to be home but it sucked that i was ill. It meant i was in doors the whole time and i didn't manage to see anybody, but it was good to see my cat again ^.^

I've also come to the conclusion that i have odd eating habits and fetishes. I put things together other people would see as being weird. Take for instance eating crackers with blue cheese (i know everyone eats cheese and crackers) but with strawberry jam? I love it, bitter sweet some would say ;) 
I also received some delicious belgian chocolates from somebody at work.

I haven't had much money recently but my best friend treated me for Christmas and bought me the real leather backpack with all the zips. I love it and it's so thoughtful of them to do so.
I did however invest in a pair of Levi denim shorts and those studded leather shoes and black wooly to keep me warm.

It's been so so cold and i presume it's going to get colder over the coming weeks, so i'm trying my best to wrap up warm. My wonderful mother offered to get me a new coat for Christmas, i don't have many coats and the ones i do are a very thin fabric.
So this time i wanted quality rather than thinking of how cheap i could buy one.
I bought the lovely Zara coat, which is 70% wool and has real leather lapels. It's a beautiful coat and it's super warm.

It was works Christmas party last night and the theme was 1940's. I didn't want to buy a new dress so i dug one out i already had. The silhouette was very 40's yet the detail not so much, but it worked well. I also got my hair done and based my look on the very beautiful Veronica Lake. 
We were all given a bag of the nostalgic penny sweets as we danced the night away.

I go home for Christmas next week and i couldn't be more excited.

If i don't blog again before, have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year.
Lots of love,