Sunday, 1 July 2012

John Lennon // My hero

Okay, well anyone that knows me personally knows very well how i feel about this man. This is a weird post for me because know matter how much i try to express my love, i'll never get across how much. I grew up listening to The Beatles and my iTunes is filled with all their albums. People today are beginning to like them "because it's cool" it makes me sad a little bit, i just wish they actually took the time to 'really like them' I've watched every documentary on this man and even writing this makes me cry, i don't know why i feel so connected to him, is that sad? I do, i really do, i remember going to The Beatles museum when i was about 12 and i was obsessed with a double double glazed box of his glasses and the white room where his piano sat, i was besotted. Am i obsessed? I don't know, but he is above and beyond everything. I feel we're deprived of him, his talent, his nature, his being by one selfish individual whom took his precious life. I even got a peace symbol tattoo (not because they're now cool?) or whatever that means (in fact i told my high school teacher at 12 i wanted this tattoo) i didn't get it until last year. It was done in symbolisation of his life and what he did for this world when he was here, gone? Never to me, John Always. He means everything to me. R.I.P <3