Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Hair obsession

I'm not quite sure what this is about but i have an obsession with long hair and oddly i always have. Especially if it's taken from behind. I like seeing the hair without face and it leaves you to imagine the person in front. Oddly i also like backs, this is a weird post but i really do, they're quite delicate i like to believe and when hair falls upon it, i think it looks beautiful. I really love un done long hair, by un done i mean just tousled, un brushed, not freshly cut and quite messy. I like any hair colour really, i think hair defines you, it does doesn't it. Or people wouldn't ever dye their hair. I've always been blonde and couldn't imagine having dark hair, people forbid me to do it. Despite having thoughts of dying it in the past i have never gone through with it knowing that it would strip me of my personality, my character, people know me by my hair colour, it wouldn't be right if it was dark. Also you usually build your wardrobe around the colour hair you have. 

Apologies for lack of posts and interaction, i began my new job on Monday, I'm in a new city and things are a little full on right now. So once i have settled in i'm sure i'll find some time to do a decent post :) Laura x


  1. me too, me too! I had to cut my long hair. damn shit

    Heartbeats from Vienna Wedekind

    1. Oh no! :( good thing is, it'll grow back! :)

  2. I feel the same way about it! It's so beautiful. Very lovely blog by the way! Followed xx


    1. It really is, isn't it! :) oh wow, thank you, that's very kind.

      Lots of love xxx

  3. love the photos! i also love very long hair, although on me.. i like it kinda short, i've always wanted to grow my hair super long. I find it so intriguing and beautiful!
    love love love!
    xx maya
    thanks for the comment on my blog :) you're the sweetest.

  4. I love your hair Maya, i wish i could suit dark hair, it looks so lovely. I see my long hair being were i keep all of my secrets ^.^

    I hope you're well Maya, lots of love beautiful.