Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Christion Dior, Haute Couture, Fall 2012

So it's Haute Couture fashion week and i've been keeping on top of it. One of my first blog posts was on Raf Simons finale with Jil Sander. I love him personally as a designer, i love his style, his minimal approach and quite structured yet feminine look. So he left Jil Sander and joined the team at Dior after John Galliano's departure. In my opinion it was a good move for him, he thrived brighter pieces and feminine shapes and colours, which showed through in his later collections with Sander. After viewing this collection he did for Dior, i'm proud and i think he's done a perfect job. As a Raf/Jil Sander fan i can tell he's done it. The shapes are so 'him' some even look a little like his finale collection at Jil Sander. It's a very modern approach on the 1950's New Look, especially with the vibrant choice of colours we see Julia Nobis wearing bottom right; as well as the neon yellow full skirted dress. We see cashmere again, powered pinks and tuxedo jackets. I think Raf is going to be perfect at Dior, it was a dream of his and dream come true it was. 

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  1. I’d like to try on the yellow dress!

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