Saturday, 9 June 2012

Perfect loafers.

I have a really fussy shoe size, i'm nor a 3 or a 4. I'm somewhere in the middle, yet still my left foot is a little bigger. I have such a problem finding shoes, heels don't seem to be as bad as long as they have a strap for extra support. Unfortunately the UK sizing do not do a half size. I've been after some new flat/comfortable shoes for such a long time, i haven't ever bothered to buy ballet flats from Topshop or anything, because they just won't last long. I've been wearing my brogues for years, they fit perfectly and are the best pair of shoes i have ever owned, they're still going strong. Anyway i worked for Kurt Geiger for a while and we got discount with being staff. Quite a lot actually. When i was working there, i always used to lust over these Nine West loafers, perfect because they're a half size. In the end i had to leave when i went back to university and never ended up getting them. I thought of them last week and saw them online, i had to order them, as i no longer worked there i couldn't get discount, but to my surprise they were on sale from £95 down to just £29, you can find them 'here.' So comfortable. They're real leather and have a double sole which is super spongey, i'd recommend them to anyone. I've also spent the week reading my love 'Oh Comely'. 


  1. Love loafers and these look lovely!x

    1. Thank you, the best thing is, they're so comfy ^.^ x

  2. The loafers really do look perfect! I was going to buy some really simple but good quality ones from Russell & Bromley but these look like a much better alternative- a lot cheaper and just as good quality!