Thursday, 14 June 2012

Graduate Fashion Week 

So Graduate Fashion Week has just finished in London to which my university took part and actually opened the show. Unfortunately i could not make the show but i heard they all did very well. All of the above images are my favourites from my university of central Lancashire. I love how each piece is completely individual and so well thought out, i saw most of them making their collections, in which they worked very hard for. These images were taken from there was also an article from the Telegraph which made me very proud. 

Quote: The University of Central Lancashire stole the show with a standout collection from 17 graduates which included Claire Acton's rainbow-parade of fringing and faces; Emma Guilfoyle's twisted take on heritage in which images of the Iron Lady and Churchill were mixed with patchwork tweed; and Xiaoping Huang's concertina-pleated extravaganza in a mix of music-sheet print and bold colour.

I am extremely proud of them all and this only excites and motivates me forward to fourth year when i'll be making my own collections. Quite scary but unbelievably exciting at the same time.


  1. This collection was one of my favourites from graduate fashion week :)

    1. Oh really, amazing. I wish i could have been there myself to watch. They did have some great collections :) xx