Friday, 21 September 2012

London Fashion Week

           Burberry Prorsum


           James Long

           Jonathan Saunders

           Kinder Aggugini


So London fashion week is over and it's currently being held in Milan. I have tried my best to keep up with all the shows. I thought i would pick some of my favourites from London fashion week. What i found to be odd is that designers i generally tend to love, i didn't like so much for this particular show. For instance, Matthew Williamson and Christopher Kane, i expected far different. I do prefer Fall shows as i believe them to really show off what a designer is capable of.

Burberry Prorsum, i always like 'some' of their collection and this one be no different. I like the shapes they bring, often similar but always have that twist. For this collection the metallic colour grabbed me, it reminded me of a tin of quality street.

Erdem is always a winner for me, his soft colour pallet is beautiful as is his juxtaposition of fabrics and panels. I love the bright paisley prints and oddly love the snake skin used, i've never liked snake skin in any form, but he's won me over in this collection.

James Long, i don't think i've heard of before yet i love how his collection is all black and white and how he mixes masculinity with femininity. The looks are so clean and i believe them to be very wearable too.

Jonathan Saunders, again i always love his collections. I think this is possibly one of his most ambitious collections. It's kind of 70's disco with a twist. A metallic skirt, when turned the back is black matte. A split personality collection. I also love the ombre style tailored pieces.

Kinder Aggugini the prints resembled being at sea, with mermaids, sea horses, anchors etc. It felt rather tomboy and i liked that, dungarees, pinafores, button downs, something i find myself wearing everyday. Tomboy chic.

Preen, the first look i chose seemed to look more of an A/W collection, i love the sharp shapes and the dark colour pallet, it also had a sport essence too; however the second look i chose seems to be the complete opposite which i also really love. It kind of reminds me of something Celine would do, the tailored look.

What do you guys think?


  1. I love Jonathan Saunders, the collection reminds me of mermaids! The juxtaposition of materials works so well, love the metallic skirts and contrasting tops. I always look at your tumblr but this is the first I have seen of your blog, its great!. I have just started blogging again, feel free to check mine out and let me know what you think :)

    1. Yes me to Jonathan Saunders is one of my favourite designers, i feel his collections and designs so real, you know. I haven't been blogging long and i feel like mine is just so disinteresting so it's nice to hear you like it. Of course i will check yours out :) xxx

  2. Love those pictures!


  3. please, can i have the coat from the first pic and the dress from the last one? :)

    bonnie + kleid

  4. Great post!
    Now following!

    xx, Martha

  5. follow you on instagram and just found your blog now! i absolutely love it, you have an amazing unique style :)

  6. Thank you very much that's so nice to hear, i really thought it was dis interesting to people, so it's good you like it. I'll be checking yours out :) xxx