Thursday, 16 August 2012

Cat friendly

Okay just to clarify ever since i have existed i have been obsessed with cats. When i was just 1 years old we had a cat that was 1 year older than me. I wasn't a girly girl and therefore when i was given a little pram, it wasn't a doll i put in there, it was my cat. It had kittens and i never left them alone. That's were my love began and i feel so connected to them, their unbelievably intelligent animals.

Anyway since living in London i see the Chinese waving cat everywhere, i also love all things Asian, always so oddly unique. On the way to work i had to purchase one as it had gone on sale. Apparently they bring goof fortune and good luck, two things i need right now.

The radio at work seems to have broken and i suggested i bring my iPhone cat docking station for my desk, how can you not love it? The magazine 'No Cigar' is a new find and it's rather inspiring, it's up and coming, perhaps i'll do a separate post just for that magazine.

Last but not least, i haven't yet been out out for drinks in London yet and plan to this weekend. I'm dying to wear my cat shoes ^.^

I also have a few design ideas up my sleeve so keep your eyes pealed.


  1. So much love for this post!! I saw that docking station in HMV, its only around £25 too I believe (hope) am going to go get it tomorrow! And them shoes! I love them, I NEED them!


    1. Thank you! Oh is it really? It was a Christmas present from a close friend, so i didn't know where it was from :') You should get it, it's quite loud too :) hope you're well


  2. Where did you get the cat shoes?